It’s a rare bright spot in the economic climate, but a new UK carmaker says it has plans to boost the country’s economy with its new fuel blend.

The company, which is known as FuelShimmer, said it would be adding fuel in “up to 15%” of new vehicles from 2020.

“We have a very ambitious plan to bring fuel to the UK market in the next 15 to 20 years,” said FuelShimmer chief executive, Paul Ritchie.

“It will help our global business and create jobs, which we hope will trickle down to the local communities.”

FuelShims blend of diesel and petrol has already helped fuel the UK economy, but Ritchie said he hoped the company’s new fuel would help the country move beyond that.

“This is not just about making money.

We want to create a sustainable economy in the UK.

And that’s why we are making fuel in this country,” he said.

FuelShimmers new fuel will be blended in 20% of new car sales.

Fuel Shimmer says it will be adding the fuel to new cars from 2020 to help support the UK’s economy. 

The company is the latest in a long line of British carmakers to try and create a greener future with its fuel.

In the US, Ford is already adding carbon dioxide to new vehicles to help reduce emissions. 

FuelShims chief executive Paul Riddle says he hopes the fuel will help the UK make the transition from a coal-fired industry to a renewable one. 

“This is a global industry.

This is a national industry.

And I think that’s really important,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. 

There is also a push to introduce fuel in Europe, with European Union officials announcing in January that they would increase carbon emission reductions in Europe by 40% over the next five years.

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