When you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you’ll find yourself spending less money on fuel.

It may sound counterintuitive but it can save you money.

Read moreThere are some ways to calculate how much your fuel bill will be when you buy petrol and diesel on the road.

You can use fuel rebates, which can be applied to your fuel bills.

You could also choose to pay for the fuel at a pump or buy fuel at an airport fuel station.

Fuel rebates and petrol discountsWhat is a fuel rebate?

A fuel rebate is a tax on the price of a product, which is generally used to encourage people to buy fuel on the cheap.

A fuel rebate can range from 1.25 cents per litre to up to $50.50 per litres.

It is available for all vehicles and petrol and gasoline are not exempt.

When you’re buying petrol and/or diesel, you pay the price at the pump, even if you have to pay the rebate yourself.

The rebate is calculated based on how much fuel you’re paying for, not how much it costs to buy petrol or diesel.

For example, if you pay $0.25 for petrol, you will get the rebate if you buy a litre of petrol.

If you pay a full cent per litne, you get the $50 rebate.

The fuel rebase is only available at fuel stations.

If you have a car, you can apply for a fuel rebay at your nearest petrol station.

This is available at petrol stations that accept cash, debit cards and credit cards.

Fuel rebate and petrol discountWhat is the fuel rebate price?

The fuel rebate prices vary according to how much you pay at the petrol and petrol stations.

You will usually pay a price between 0.20 cents and 0.40 cents per kilogrammes of fuel.

If your vehicle has no petrol or petrol-grade diesel, the fuel rebat may not be available at all.

You’ll pay the same rebate when you drive to the airport, even though it’s not tax-free.

This is because airlines use fuel surcharges to offset the cost of buying fuel on board.

The airport fuel rebate does not include airport parking fees, which are paid at airport petrol stations, and the airport airport parking fee is based on the number of people who use the airport parking lot.

If your fuel rebate doesn’t cover the cost, you may be able to get the fuel surcharge back through the airport concession, or pay for it yourself by booking the fuel.

For more information on fuel rebats and petrol rebates see the Fuel Rebate Calculator.

When is the airport fuel discount available?

If you’re traveling to the US, the airport discount is available between October 1 and March 31 each year.

For a full list of available discounts and fees, see the airport discounts page.

How to calculate the fuel cost of driving fuel when you are on the move?

If your trip involves a trip on the ground, you need to calculate a fuel cost for your fuel.

The fuel cost is the price you would pay if you were driving on the same road or highway.

The calculation depends on how many miles you travel, the amount of time you spend driving on each road, and whether you’re carrying a passenger.

Fuel cost can be calculated using the following formula:The fuel cost will depend on how often you travel by road, highway, rail or plane, how much time you have on the highway, the distance you travel to and from work, and any other factors.

Fuel costs can be used as a guideline to help you plan your trip and will help you calculate your expected fuel costs.

Find out how much of your fuel budget will be used for petrol and fuel when buying petrol on the roads.

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