The UK’s government has announced that it will introduce a fuel-saver car, and that it plans to roll out a fleet of electric cars by 2025.

But it’s not going to be a plug-in hybrid or petrol-powered vehicle.

Instead, the government is considering a new fuel saving standard for the country’s fuel, which it hopes will allow more people to drive less fuel-intensive vehicles.

The government says the new standard will save the UK a total of £4.7bn ($5.4bn) a year by 2025, compared with an average fuel cost of £7.10 per litre of fuel.

This is despite fuel prices in some parts of the country hitting record highs.

The UK’s fuel saving scheme is currently being tested in some of the nation’s most heavily populated cities, including London, Manchester, Glasgow and Bristol.

The scheme is also being trialled in the UK’s biggest cities, Edinburgh, Edinburgh University and Glasgow University.

The scheme will be introduced in England by the end of the year, and will be rolled out across the country, from 2020.

It will be based on the same principles as fuel economy vehicles, which can be equipped with a range of energy-saving technologies.

The plan will include a fleet-wide scheme of “smart” petrol pumps, which will be able to measure and adjust the flow of fuel through their system to ensure it remains at the optimal level.

Currently, fuel pumps have a range based on how much gas they’re used for, but the government says it will allow a range between 0.5 litres and 5 litres.

The fuel-efficient fuel will be automatically adjusted to ensure that it stays at a lower fuel-economy level, as it is being designed to.

In the meantime, the plan is to test new technologies in order to determine whether the technology will work well in the real world.

This means that some of these innovations will be designed in-house and tested in the laboratory, while others will be tested with actual vehicles.

There will be a “high degree of flexibility” with regard to how these technologies are tested, and what is used to calibrate them.

The system will be run in a pilot programme, which means that the government will be monitoring the results of the tests.

A number of the technology options will be built into existing models of cars and trucks, but this is not a new technology, and has already been used in many other countries.

The Government will also be working on a new version of the fuel-save technology.

The new fuel standard is intended to improve fuel economy for both petrol and diesel vehicles, and it is intended as a “tipping point” that will allow people to buy more fuel-efficiency cars and SUVs.

However, the Government has acknowledged that there are also drawbacks to this new fuel technology, including the possibility that it could cause more disruption to the UK economy than the introduction of fuel-neutral vehicle technologies will bring.

In its latest report, the British Association of Chartered Surveyors (BACS) says the introduction could have a negative impact on jobs in the sector.

The BACS says that the introduction would mean fewer people entering the UK and that some firms would be left with a “very difficult choice” between a range, such as petrol, which is often expensive, and a range that is much cheaper, such that their customers could use more of the “good” fuel.

The British government says that its intention is to allow a “small but significant” increase in the number of people using electric vehicles.

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