A decade ago, when we were still struggling to pay for electricity, the price of natural gas was a hundred times the price we were paying for electricity.

It’s still cheaper than natural gas, but we’re paying a much higher price.

I was looking at my laptop and thinking, Why didn’t we figure this out before?

The solution was a massive solar expansion.

A solar plant in Michigan.

That’s what the American solar industry is doing right now, installing solar arrays at a record rate.

And it’s a massive expansion.

I just got back from a conference with a group of people who are building solar plants in China.

They’ve been able to install solar arrays for a year.

They’re building plants in Chile.

They are building plants around the world.

In the United States, we have a huge gap in solar deployment.

We’re going to need a big solar expansion to get people to switch from coal to solar.

So what you’re seeing is the emergence of an energy revolution that will transform the way we consume energy.

We need a huge solar expansion, because it’s the most efficient way to consume energy, and the next wave of solar is coming.

The first wave is going to be from clean energy fuels.

The energy revolution is shifting the way that we use energy from fossil fuels to clean energy.

That shift has happened already.

The transition to a clean energy economy is the second wave of the energy revolution.

That is, we are transforming energy production from fossil to clean.

The next wave is from solar.

I don’t know what the number will be.

I’m going to have to find out.

I will have to figure out when that happens.

But it’s happening.

And I’m sure that we will have some solar installations at a time.

The thing is, I’m not going to wait.

I have a plan.

The solar industry, I think, has been a huge driver of job creation and growth in this country, and it’s going to continue to drive this country forward.

So I’m excited to see what comes next.

But this is a long, long way from where we were two years ago, and I’m thrilled that we’re doing what we’re going through.

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