When BMW unveiled the 3 Series at its first North American event in June, it wasn’t the first time the company had shown off a new vehicle.

At that event, the company showed off a couple of cars it had in production.

At the same time, the 3-Series was not the first BMW to offer the first mass-market electric vehicle, and the company hasn’t announced anything similar since.

But now, a year later, BMW is selling a new 3-series that will sell for $31,879, a price point well below the original $44,500 price tag.

While the new car won’t be the first electric vehicle to come out of the company, it is certainly the most expensive to date.

And it might be the most difficult one to beat.

The new 3 Series features the same 3.0-liter inline-four engine as the 2 Series, which BMW says is the first in the world to produce 350 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque.

This is a large engine, but it’s not an entirely new one.

The original inline-six that was produced in the 1980s was a hybrid of two existing engines: a twin-turbo V8 and a two-liter V6.

The new engine has two turbochargers, and BMW says it has “a smaller diameter exhaust system than the previous engine and is designed for a higher range.”

In other words, it’s the kind of engine that can power an electric car or a car with a range-extended battery pack.

The difference is that this new inline-4 is a very different design than the older inline-6.

This new inline four uses two large turbocharger heads with different exhaust valves.

One valve opens up to allow air to pass through a lower exhaust port, while the other valve shuts off.

This means that the intake valve is larger and the exhaust valve is smaller, allowing more air to be passed through.

It also means that there’s a much larger amount of torque at the crank.

The engine has a compression ratio of 6.2:1, which is higher than the 7.0:1 ratio that the engine has on previous BMWs.

So when you crank it, the engine’s compression ratio is greater than the compression ratio on the previous car, and that is what will give you a lot of torque on the highway.

The compression ratio also increases the energy density of the engine.

When you are using this new engine, BMW says the power is rated at 350 hp at 5,000 rpm and 350 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm.

That’s an increase of about 10 hp and 15 lb-f, which sounds like a lot.

But when you drive this engine on the roads of North America, you will get a lot more power, as you can see in the chart below.

BMW says this new 3 series has a 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds, which beats the 5.7 seconds of the original model.

But there are some limitations to these numbers.

BMW also says that the new engine’s maximum torque rating is 355 lb-t, and this number includes the maximum torque available from the supercharger, which adds a lot to the power of the vehicle.

BMW has also not revealed the torque rating of the new inline engine.

The 3 Series uses a turbochargor, but its design is somewhat different than that of the earlier inline-series engine, which had two turbocharging heads and had a smaller exhaust port.

The larger exhaust port allowed the engine to be bigger.

In other word, the new turbocharged engine is more powerful than the original, which means that you will need to make more power to get the same horsepower or torque.

But, it also means you can get more power at the same price.

This difference between the engines may seem trivial to most people, but BMW has found a way to make this difference big.

The most important difference between this new and the previous 3 Series engines is the fuel sealer that comes with it.

The first time you get an electric vehicle with a fuel sealers, you are probably not going to be satisfied with the performance of the electric car, especially because there is not a lot you can do about fuel leaks, so you are going to want a quality sealer.

BMW did this with its first electric car in the late 1980s, the Roadster, which was powered by an electric motor and an aluminum body.

The Roadster was a luxury car, so the sealers were very expensive.

But the engineers realized that, if you were to add a new fuel seal to an electric, the battery would need to be upgraded every time the Roadsters were upgraded.

So BMW built a fuel-injected engine in 1988 that could replace the original engine, and in doing so, it became the first gas-powered car to be classified as an electric. In fact,

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