A new study by the environmental advocacy group Oil Change International has revealed that many people are simply not doing enough to cut their carbon footprint.

“This new report highlights the enormous potential that carbon pollution can have in the economy and how much more work is needed to end the carbon pollution crisis,” said Tom Koehler, CEO of Oil Change.

“While the US is still in a very dangerous phase of its CO2 emissions, the new report shows that America can continue to lead the world in reducing CO2 pollution and that there is a lot of potential to do so without harming the economy.”

The report, released on Friday, outlines the five steps Americans can take to cut carbon pollution in 2018 and shows how to achieve them while reducing energy consumption and energy waste.

It also highlights how to increase energy efficiency in your home and your vehicle.

The first step is to reduce your energy consumption.

The study found that in 2018, the average American used about 5,000 gallons of fuel per year.

That translates into an average American who uses about 2,300 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel per month.

The next step is also simple.

The average American uses about 3,200 gallons of electricity per year, or an average household uses about 1,900 gallons of petroleum-based fuel per day.

The final step is a little more complicated, but it is the one that requires the most energy to accomplish.

The energy used to produce that fuel is also the energy that fuels your electric car or solar panel, which is one of the most efficient ways to power your home.

The study found, however, that many Americans are still not doing a good job of reducing their carbon pollution.

In 2018, a little over half of the country’s households (49.7%) were still using a fossil fuel fuel for electricity, and nearly a quarter of the nation’s households still used a fossil-fuel for fuel for home heating.

That is not good.

The majority of Americans (53%) said they would be willing to invest in more efficient energy systems if they were able to save money, but only 34% of Americans said they were willing to make energy savings a top priority.

In addition, almost a third of Americans say that they would not want to save enough money for a gas-free lifestyle, according to the report.

That could mean saving money on the gas and electric bills for a home or business, but also on other energy-related expenses, like heating and cooling your home, paying for groceries and clothing, and maintaining a fleet of cars and trucks.

The report also found that more than one-third of Americans still do not know how to properly install and use a new energy-saving device.

About half (52%) of Americans have not learned how to use a solar panel.

The report recommends that consumers learn about energy-efficiency technologies and install them.

It is important to note that the new study found more than 2.3 million Americans do not have access to an energy-efficient vehicle.

A new survey from the Consumer Federation of America found that the majority of American households do not currently have access, and that a third do not even know that they do not own a vehicle.

This is a good start, but we still need more information.

If you want to cut emissions, then the report recommends getting your energy-use down to 30 percent or less.

That would allow you to use the same amount of electricity as you do now, but would also allow you more energy-saver options.

The new study also suggests that consumers also need to do a better job of communicating with their neighbors about their energy choices.

The survey found that, in 2018 on average, Americans were more likely to use outdated or misleading advertising, or to use “bait and switch” messages to convince their neighbors to save energy.

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