As fuel efficiency and carbon emissions rise, India is trying to boost the use of jet fuel and improve fuel efficiency by using less fuel.

The country has more than 3,000 passenger jets, the majority of which are manufactured by the Russian-based Rostec, the largest jet maker in the world.

The aircraft are among the world’s most fuel-efficient.

However, the government is also planning to introduce new fuel-saving measures in the near future.

The government is planning to make diesel-powered passenger jets available to the general public by 2025, which would cut diesel consumption by almost 10 percent, and could cut emissions by 40 percent, according to the government’s plan.

The government plans to launch a fuel-savings scheme in 2021 to improve fuel consumption by 25 percent.

The scheme is expected to help fuel-intensive industries like power plants, which use a lot of diesel.

It is also expected to cut carbon emissions by about 50 percent, with the help of more efficient engines.

Ahead of the fuel-efficiency drive, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MEFCC) has announced that it will develop and implement a fuel subsidy for the aviation industry.

The subsidy will help airlines and other industries that use large amounts of diesel to reduce emissions.

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MSTR) has proposed to the Cabinet to issue an additional Rs 5,000 crore to support aviation industry in the financial year 2020-21.

This will enable companies to use their own capital and increase the use and consumption of fuel by 10 percent.

According to the ministry, the subsidies will help aircraft and other transport equipment manufacturers to use and recycle less fuel and also provide incentives to the airlines to improve the efficiency of their fleet.

The ministry has also proposed a fuel price of Rs 4,000 for the next financial year to incentivise the industry.

The Indian Airports Corporation (IAC) has already launched a fuel cost subsidy scheme for the aircraft industry to reduce fuel consumption.

The ministry is also encouraging airlines to switch from diesel to jet fuel by 2020.

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