The cost of petrol has risen by more than 10% in the past year, with the average price of a gallon of regular petrol now at around £2.55. 

That is more than double the £1.90 that it cost in June 2018, according to figures from the Department for Transport. 

But you will still pay more than the average British household. 

As you can see from the chart below, the cheapest petrol is now at £2,085, compared with £1,890 a year ago. 

The price of diesel, meanwhile, has also risen by 10%, to £1 a litre. 

It is a similar story for the price of unleaded petrol, with a 20% rise. 

Fuel costs in the UK have risen since the Brexit vote in June. 

From 2018 the average cost of a litne of petrol will be £2 while the average will be around £1 in 2019, according to the Office for National Statistics. 

How much petrol will you need? 

How you can save petrol The cost and distribution of petrol have changed over the years, but it’s worth noting that the government still does not charge people to use the fuel. 

You will still need to pay a minimum tax on petrol to the tune of £1 on average for each litre sold. 

There is a cap of 40,000 litres per year and a cap on the amount of fuel that can be burned on a car, at an average of 5,600 litres a year. 

If you drive a petrol car regularly, this will also mean that you will pay a premium to the petrol tax. 

So if you drive your car regularly for about 6 months a year, then you will be paying about £8,000 to the Government every year for petrol. 

However, if you only use it once a year and only drive a couple of times a year you will not be paying a penny. 

Here is a breakdown of how the price will change over the next five years. 

What to expect when you get into your car The fuel is expensive Fuel is expensive. 

Your petrol will still cost you the same, and will still be priced the same as before. 

While the average is currently around £3.10 a litres, that will go up to £4.50 in 2019. 

And you will need to spend at least 50p a litie on gas and diesel, which will increase from £2 to £3 a litley by 2019.

This will mean that the price you pay for petrol will increase. 

A similar story will happen for petrol and diesel fuel in the rest of the UK, as we move towards a low-carbon economy. 

According to the Office of National Statistics, the average daily consumption of petrol in England and Wales is now about 2,800 litres. 

This is down from 2,900 litres in 2020. 

On average, a litny of petrol is produced in England every day. 

By 2019, the UK will have had about 2.2 billion litns of petrol.

So, while the fuel will still make you pay more, it will not make it more expensive.

The Government will increase the price to about £4 per litre by 2019, and then to £5 a litle by 2020.

The average price will be between £4 and £5 by 2020, and this is expected to be the lowest price for five years and the highest price in five years for three decades. 

Why fuel prices have risen Why have fuel prices increased? 

It’s the price inflation The fuel inflation has increased in recent years.

Fuel inflation is measured by how much the price goes up and down. 

An increase in fuel prices is expected, but only because the cost of oil has risen. 

Oil prices have been rising at about 7% per year since 2020, with petrol rising by more in line with inflation. 

Since April 2018, petrol prices have increased by more to £2 a litme. 

Gasoline prices have also increased by about 10% over the past two years, rising from around £4 a lit to £6 a lit. 

Now, that’s only an increase of around 10% Gas prices are rising in line The cost of fuel is rising in the real economy.

This means that if the cost goes up, the economy will gain from it, and the cost is going down.

For example, if a family can only afford a couple more meals per week, they will pay less to the government, and therefore will have to pay less in taxes. 

These people will be able to save more money on food and accommodation, which in turn will mean they can spend less on fuel.

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