By Joe HoekstraHolley fuel injected engines have been around for a while. 

You can read more about them here (via Auto Trends)But the company that makes the Holleys is a different company altogether. 

Its not just the Holmans of the world, but also their competitor, Toyota, that have been using them. 

And if you’re like me, you’ve got your heart set on an interior version of the Holman’s engine, a gas-powered version called the Holm. 

Holley recently shared a video of a prototype of a fuel injection engine that they are developing to be part of the Holm  concept. 

The video was shot at the company’s Hutchinson Plant in California and shows off the engine as it looks like it might be in the making. 

I asked the company if it had any information on the Holcys new engine. 

“Yes, we are working with a few different companies on this,” Holley CEO David Hickey told me via email. 

When asked if the engine could be made with a conventional gasoline engine, Hickey replied, “Yes, and we will have that technology in the next couple of years.” 

Holleys engine has been around since the 1990s, and the company has also been producing the Holmes as well as Holmes Fuel and Holmes Fuel Booster, which are shown off in the video. 

So while the Holloway engine is a prototype, the Holman engine is not a complete product yet. 

Still, Holmans engineers have been working on the Holm for a while, and Holies CEO David Hickey said that Holleys engineers were able to develop the engine as a “plug-and-play” product for the Holms next generation car. 

If the company is able to make this new engine, it could be a major step in the Holies efforts to become a fuel economy powerhouse, which has been hampered by a very low percentage of fuel efficiency in recent years. 

In fact, Toyota has been using fuel injection engines for years, including the Toyota Fuel Engine (which is actually based on Holmotrol engines) and the Toyota Gas Booster. 

But they aren’t all Holleys. 

Ford’s Civic-Camry is also using fuel injection to improve fuel economy, and GM also uses fuel injectors to boost fuel economy. 

While Holms fuel injected engines are still in development, Ford and GM are going to be the first big names to have the fuel injectors on their new vehicles, according to Holkins VP of marketing and communications Nick Poulin. 

There are a few other fuel-insulated engine designs in the works, but Poulin told me that Holos engine is the first in the Toyotas line. 

This could bring another big additional advantage to the  next generation of Toycotys vehicles, which are expected to hit the market in 2020. 

As a whole, Holley is hoping that the new Holmers will allow them to achieve more fuel efficiency than their gas-injected Toyo diesel diesels, so the company isn’t just making a new Fuel Injection Engine, but a different engine. 

What do you think?

Is Holley’s fuel injection a complete product?

Will the Fords Fresno Engine become the next fuel-economy champion? 

We will have to wait and see.

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