With the introduction of new electric and hybrid vehicles, fuel economy and emissions have plummeted and the nation is now in the midst of an energy renaissance.

But what if the car and truck you buy is one of the most polluting of all, or even a worse offender?

What if the cars and trucks you buy have been heavily polluting for decades?

That’s exactly what a new study from the University of Michigan researchers says.

They found that the fuel economy of cars that are more than a decade old is about 20% worse than cars that have been in use for decades, according to a statement from the U-M study.

This is a big deal.

The average American will spend $1,000 on fuel every year and the average American uses more gasoline than they could consume for their entire life.

The U.S. is on track to burn through more than half its existing fuel supply in the next 50 years.

That’s an awful lot of fuel, especially when you’re already burning a lot of oil and other fossil fuels.

The problem with fuel efficiency is it’s not about how much it costs you, it’s about what it takes to meet your fuel needs.

It’s not the fuel that’s wasted, but the energy it takes and how much of that energy is used.

In the past, we have spent a lot on things like refrigerators, air conditioners, cars and even homes that were designed to be used on a daily basis.

In some cases, these homes were built to last 50 years or more.

The good news is that these homes have been built to meet the energy demands of modern life and will be the cheapest to replace.

But this doesn’t mean they’re great for the environment.

The new study by U-MB professor of petroleum engineering, Mark L. Muehlhauser, and colleagues examined fuel efficiency data from more than 50 U.K. vehicles, and found that diesel engines had the worst fuel economy.

Diesel engines require a lot more energy to operate and produce than gasoline engines do, and because diesel engines use more fossil fuels to produce the same amount of energy, the vehicles they’re replacing produce more pollution.

They also use more electricity to operate them, which contributes to climate change.

The study compared the fuel efficiency of vehicles from the mid-1970s through the early 2000s with the fuel efficiencies of vehicles today, and discovered that diesel vehicles in particular had the biggest pollution-related impact.

This is because diesel is a fuel that emits more greenhouse gases, according the report.

The researchers also found that in terms of pollution, the diesel vehicles with the highest fuel economy also had the highest emissions.

The worst offenders were the trucks and buses, which produced the largest amount of CO2.

So, the researchers concluded that diesel is the fuel of choice for older cars, and that this is a bad trend that should be reversed.

To find out more about fuel efficiency, read the U.M. press release.

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