The following graph, which illustrates the relative fuel efficiency of each injector and its price and weight, was created using Fuel Economy Calculator by, which calculates fuel efficiency by taking the cost of each fuel in the United States per gallon and dividing it by the number of miles driven.

This tool also has a fuel economy calculator for gasoline, diesel and unleaded gasoline.

The data is based on an average vehicle’s fuel economy at 20,000 miles, which is the average distance covered by each fuel additive in use.

The cost of a fuel additive depends on many factors including the manufacturer’s performance, emissions standards, fuel efficiency, fuel economy ratings and how often each additive is used.

While many of the common fuel additives are available for purchase, some may require special licensing, and some are not.

The cheapest fuel injector for the price of a Toyota Prius hybrid is a Mitsubishi LPS-XF400.

The LPS is an injector that has the highest average cost per mile of any fuel additive and is a standard additive in the Toyota Priuses and Camrys, among other vehicles.

The Mitsubishis LPS injectors cost a whopping $2,099 per liter, but they’re so easy to install and operate that it’s a good idea to have a handy toolkit.

The Toyota Priuss, the other popular hybrid in the market, has the Mitsubis LPH-X400E and the Mitsubs LPSX400.

Both of these injectors come in the cheapest range of all fuel injecters.

The EPA recommends that all hybrids use one of the Mitsusas LPH and LPHX, while the Mitsushis LSP-X200E and LSPX200 are standard in the Lexus RX 300 and the Toyota Yaris.

The Mazda3 and Prius are both fuel efficient at the same cost, but Mazda’s LPH has a lower average cost of $2.8 per gallon than Toyota’s.

The most expensive fuel additive is the MitsUBis LPL-X300, which costs a whopping$2,499 per liter.

The fuel efficiency rating for the Mitsobars LPL is 7.8, while Mitsubias LPLX has a 9.3 rating.

Mitsubas LPL has the lowest average cost at $1,819 per gallon.

Fuel cost calculations based on a vehicle’s weight.

If you’re looking to purchase a fuel injecter that will work in a vehicle that doesn’t have the right fuel injection system, we highly recommend looking at the fuel efficiency calculator for a particular vehicle.

The Ford Fusion and GMC Sierra Hybrid are both equipped with a fuel injection that is standard in both the Fusions and the hybrids.

This type of system typically has a cost per gallon of between $1 and $3.

You can also use our new Fuel Economy calculator for vehicles that are powered by electric powertrains.

While the fuel economy rating for a Toyota Highlander hybrid varies based on the model year, the fuel-economy rating for its standard injectors is 7 percent.

The Lexus GS350 is equipped with the Mitso LPL and the Honda LPL, which are both $1.8 to $2 per gallon higher than the standard injector in both models.

You should also look at our fuel efficiency calculators for cars that have an on-board fuel gauge or a remote start system.

You’ll find more fuel economy information at the Ford Fusion website.

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