Fuel pressure gauge at Kroger fuel centers will reopen as of today after five-years of closure.

The gas station was forced to close in February 2017, as the NSW government tried to force the closure of fuel pumps that supply gas to about one-third of Sydney’s population.

The company was unable to find an alternative source of gas, forcing it to close its four petrol stations.

Kroger Australia CEO Andrew Gough said the company was “absolutely delighted” to be able to reopen the outlets.

“We have been so disappointed and disappointed to have to close the Kroger outlets in 2018,” he said.

“They have had a great run and we were looking for a new home and this was one of the places that we thought would be the perfect place to start.”

The Kroger outlet in Hobart, which has been closed since January, was closed in 2016 after a major fire that damaged parts of the building.

Krogers spokesperson Chris Brown said the outlet would reopen at the end of the month and customers would be able use their petrol tank.

He said there would be no further closures of fuel stations.

“The Kroger locations are always a challenge and Kroger is not the only one with fuel pressure gauges, but Kroger has a lot of experience in the area,” he told ABC Radio Hobart.

The NSW government has announced a new plan to restrict petrol stations to only one outlet at a time.

The new measures will come into effect from March 15.

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