Here’s a quick explanation of what flex fuel is and what it can do.

What is flex fuel?

A flexible fuel is a fuel that can be added to your regular fuel or an alternative fuel that is derived from a plant or chemical.

This means it is more energy-efficient and less polluting than traditional fuel.

For example, a blend of natural gas, ethanol and biodiesel can be blended into a fuel called “e85” that is used in hybrid vehicles and in fuel cell vehicles.

E85 can be used in vehicles that run on gasoline, diesel or any other diesel fuel.

Flex fuel is not a fuel.

The word “flex” is not in the name of this fuel, but the formula is the same as that for regular fuel.

How do I know if my fuel is flexible?

When your vehicle burns regular fuel, the fuel is actually compressed to the point that it is a liquid.

But the fuel remains solid because it has been compressed in a very specific way.

This is why it is called “solid”.

Flex fuel has an additional feature that allows it to be easily blended into other fuels.

If you buy a blend from a supplier that has “flex”, you can simply add the fuel to your tank and it will be “flexible” by default.

For instance, you can buy a mixture of gasoline and diesel and put the gasoline in the tank, and add the diesel to the tank and then add the gasoline to the mix and voila!

The mixture is now a liquid, and it is still pure fuel.

You can then mix the fuel in with other fuels in the vehicle and blend it.

You should always check the label on your fuel tank for any information about “flex”.

For example: “This blend of gasoline, ethanol, biodiesel and compressed natural gas can be mixed into an alternative product, the ‘e85’ fuel, for the same fuel efficiency and reduced emissions as your regular gasoline and/or diesel blend.”

That’s all there is to it.

The question now is: is this fuel really flexible?

Flex fuel can be useful for hybrid vehicles, but it is not ideal for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

Flex fuel does not work in FCEVs, because they use different fuel types and do not use compressed natural oil (CNO) as a feedstock.

This makes it difficult to blend the blend into a CNO fuel like diesel or gasoline.

So, you’ll need to blend a mixture with a mixture that is blended with CNO, like gasoline or diesel.

The best way to find out if this fuel is suitable for your vehicle is to run an online fuel-analysis tool that will measure your fuel consumption.

The most recent analysis from the U.S. Department of Energy shows that E85 has an efficiency of up to 33 percent, which is slightly higher than that of regular gasoline.

This compares to around 15 percent efficiency in regular gasoline, according to an analysis by the U

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