Milwaukee, Wisconsin (AP) When it comes to fuel wheels, there’s a lot of buzz around Milwaukee’s new “assault wheels.”

The vehicles come in four sizes: the fuel wheels for trucks and SUVs, fuel wheels in the trucks for utility vehicles, fuel and gas wheels for commercial vehicles and fuel wheels used by the military and emergency responders.

The most popular ones are the F150 and the Fuel Assault Wheels.

But the Milwaukee Police Department has also ordered a fuel wheel called the Fuel Band, which has a higher payload, and a truck that uses it.

It’s not clear why the department ordered the Fuel Attack Wheels.

We know that the fuel bands are designed to be a deterrent, to make people think twice before they leave their vehicle.

We also know that Milwaukee has a large population of people who ride in the city’s truck lanes and don’t use them.

So what do we know about the trucks the department is ordering?

The trucks are a hybrid.

The diesel engine in the F-150 is mounted in the back, and the gasoline engine in trucks is mounted on the front.

So, the truck is basically a diesel truck with a gas engine.

We don’t know if the trucks will be made of the same material.

But the F50 truck that was ordered in November has the same fuel wheel as the F80 truck that will be ordered in March.

It has a different shape and weight, but the fuel tank is the same size.

The Milwaukee Police department says that if the F500 truck comes with the fuel attack wheels, it would be more deadly than the trucks.

The F150 is the most popular model.

The F150 has the most fuel.

But if you have an F-Series, you can get a lower payload than the F Series.

And the FSeries is also the most powerful, which is why Milwaukee is looking to make it a safer option.

We have seen a lot in the past of people getting killed because they got out of their vehicle, they didn’t use the vehicle’s lights, or they got in a fight.

And that’s something we want to be vigilant about with our trucks, because we think there are a lot more people out there that have a fuel attack wheel than there are trucks that don’t have one.

The trucks aren’t meant to be used in a collision.

They are designed for when there’s an accident.

Milwaukee police spokesman Mike Schoenfeld says that the F300 truck and the F350 truck have been tested in some cases, but it hasn’t been used in an accident yet.

And it doesn’t have to be an accident for a person to be killed by a truck.

Milwaukee’s law enforcement department says people who are driving at higher speeds, or who are distracted, or have a history of speeding can be at risk.

But Schoenfeld says that there’s no evidence that a truck driver or pedestrian will be able to avoid a collision if the driver doesn’t stop and use a light.

Schoenfeld said that, while they have had success with the F3000 truck, the F1500 is a different animal.

The truck is a hybrid, so it has a gasoline engine, and diesel is in the rear.

And if a pedestrian hits a truck, he or she will not be able for the vehicle to move out of the way.

Schoenferds safety message for drivers is to slow down, and if a vehicle is coming at you, to pull over and call 911.

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