Gasoline can be sold for about five times the price in US grocery stores, but it’s only a fraction of the price you can pay in Germany.

So a German supermarket chain may have to find a new solution to meet the demand for its product.

German supermarket operator Kroger is seeking to sell its fuel tank cleaner, but is not allowed to sell it at home, a spokeswoman said.

Kroger sells its fuel-tank cleaner at grocery stores in Germany, as well as at a discount store in the US, where the product costs $3.95.

German retailer Rheinmetall sells the product for around $10.

Kroegers website states that the product will be available at supermarkets in the UK, the US and Australia, and at a discounted price in Germany for around the same price as the US version.

German consumer group GroenLinks said the fuel tank cleaners should be available in stores in the next few weeks, and it would “work with retailers” to bring the product to Germany, where prices are cheaper.

The spokeswoman said that retailers could offer the product at a reduced price for “everywhere, including the US”.

GroenLink spokeswoman Anna Storch said that the supermarket chain was looking for a way to increase its sales, but that it was “unlikely” to be able to sell the product in supermarkets.

The German supermarket group said that its stores were currently selling the product free of charge to customers.

But the group said it was working to provide an alternative solution, which it would not discuss further.

Krogers spokeswoman Anna Schindler said that Kroger was aware of the concerns and that it had already contacted its suppliers to discuss the issue.

Krogestar said it had been contacted by its suppliers and had “looked at this as well”.

Kroger has been selling its fuel tanks cleaner for around 10 years, and was considering offering the product online.

It sells its product in a number of other countries, including Australia and Canada, but the US is one of the last markets where it does not currently sell the item.

GroenLINK said that it would work with Kroger to provide the solution, but added that it “wouldn’t comment on future sales or marketing”.

GroeNet, another German retailer, also has a policy that the gas tank cleaner must be available for sale at its stores, and has offered customers discounts on the product.

GroeLinen said that “gas tank cleaner and its associated packaging must be on the shelves of its stores and not available online”.

Groesleer, another retailer in Germany that sells the gas-tank-cleaning product, said it is “working with Kroenlink and other retailers” on a solution.

KroenLink said that although it has no plans to change its gas tank cleaners policy, it was in contact with retailers to see if there was a way it could work with them.

The fuel tank cleaning product is an essential part of the Kroger brand, and is one that is not widely available.

The company has about 1.3 million customers in Germany and is growing by more than 1 million customers per month.

It is the second-largest grocery retailer in the country.

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