Fuel cards can be used to buy a number of fuel-efficient products such as diesel, unleaded and compressed natural gas, as well as some petrol.

There are also fuel vouchers available which can be redeemed for various items.

Here are the key steps to make it easier to shop online for fuel.

Find out how to apply for a fuel voucher or fuel card.

Read more about fuel cards.

Find out how fuel cards can save on gas bills.

How do fuel vouchers work?

Fuel cards are essentially a form of electronic vouchers that are valid for a certain period of time.

They can be bought online, by phone or by mail.

They are often used to purchase food, clothing and household items.

They cannot be used for petrol or diesel purchases.

The first step to making your fuel card valid is to check the expiration date on the card.

If the card has not expired within that period, you can purchase the fuel from a fuel store.

If you have not made any purchases within that time, you will need to apply to have the card renewed.

If you are not able to apply, a customer service representative will contact you.

Once you have applied, you need to check whether the card is valid.

If it is, the card will be valid for up to two years from the date of issue.

If there is a delay in renewing the card, you may be required to apply again.

If the card hasn’t expired, it will expire after the next business day.

However, if the card isn’t valid for two years, it can be renewed up to 90 days after the expiration of the card date.

If it’s not valid, the fuel card will expire once the next renewal date has passed.

If this hasn’t happened within the period, the next expiration date is determined by the date on which the card was issued.

If your fuel cards expire within 90 days, you should contact the card issuer to find out whether the cards validity is renewed.

If this hasn://t happened within 90 day, you have a few options:Apply for a replacement fuel cardApply for the same card from the same companyApply for an alternative fuel cardIf you need a refund for your fuel vouchers, you are entitled to one at a time.

For example, if you bought petrol and fuel vouchers in a single purchase at a fuel outlet, you would receive a refund.

If these vouchers are expired or have been cancelled, you could apply for the replacement vouchers at the fuel retailer.

For the replacement fuel cards, you might need to go through a long process to get them issued.

You can apply for one at the retailer, and then apply for two more for a total of three fuel vouchers.

If all three of your fuel purchases have been completed, you’ll be issued with a refund voucher for the remaining fuel purchases, as long as they are valid.

If a customer contact you to say the card they purchased is expired, you must go to the card retailer to obtain a replacement card.

This is usually done by filling out a form at the point of purchase, and paying a small fee.

The retailer will then issue the replacement card to you.

If all of your purchases have not been completed within 90 working days, it is possible that you may need to call the card company to get a refund or the card may be returned.

If no refund has been issued, the customer will need the card back.

The refund voucher can then be applied to the remaining purchases.

If there are any issues with the refund card, the retailer will contact the customer and arrange for a new one to be issued.

If none has been received, the original card can be cancelled.

This happens if the cards are issued in different ways, for example, for a single fuel purchase.

The card issuer will inform you of the issues and send you a letter explaining the situation.

The process for getting a replacement or a replacement voucher is much easier if you can check the validity of the cards.

It can be done online, and the retailer or fuel retailer will issue the card to the customer within 48 hours.

If a card is cancelled, a letter will be sent to the email address on the account, explaining what happened and why.

The person who originally issued the card can then apply to get the card reissued, or the retailer can cancel the card if they are unable to get it back.

You can apply to the retailer for a refund, or you can call the retailer to apply.

The customer will then need to send you their refund voucher, which can then either be applied for online or emailed to the address on your account.

The refund card is the easiest to use.

Just enter the name of the customer, the number of the vehicle, the date the vehicle was purchased and the date it was due.

The retailer will usually issue a refund within a few working days.

If not, you won’t need to contact the retailer again.

This process can be very time consuming, so it is important to check if there

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