Fuel cells can be the solution to a world in crisis.

But they can also be the source of a massive carbon tax.

In the UK, a tax of around £3.2bn per year is due to kick in in 2022 if we don’t reduce our emissions by at least 80 per cent by 2050.

But a study by the Oxford Carbon Institute has revealed that a hybrid and electric car’s fuel cell is one of the cheapest, most reliable and most environmentally friendly alternatives.

And in the US, where fuel cell technology is more popular than ever, it’s the most expensive option to buy, the study found.

But how much is too much?

It turns out that the fuel cell’s price tag could be much more than the average car.

The study found that for the cheapest model, the hybrid or EV, there’s a 25 per cent saving over a gas engine on the price of a hybrid battery.

But for a gas car, the savings are much higher.

The cheapest gas car costs around £20,000 more than a hybrid.

So if you want to buy a gas-powered car, it could save you around £150 a year.

Even if you don’t mind the extra costs of the hybrid, you’re unlikely to spend the extra money on the fuel cells, since they’re often bought as an afterthought and rarely seen in a real car.

And if you do buy one, you’ll likely end up paying more for fuel than the car itself, which can be up to 40 per cent higher. 

But the fuel-cell savings aren’t all that impressive.

For example, a gas electric car has around 30 per cent more fuel economy than a petrol car.

That means the difference between a petrol or hybrid car’s price is less than the difference in the price per kilogram of CO2.

So buying a hybrid car would actually be a lot more expensive than buying a petrol vehicle.

A gas car is also much more fuel efficient than a diesel car.

In terms of fuel consumption per kilometre, the fuel economy of a diesel engine is about 50 per cent less than a gas one.

So a diesel fuel-economy car costs about 40 per 100km.

Gas engines can also produce more CO2 per kilometne than diesel engines, and this is one reason why fuel-efficient cars like hybrid and EVs can be more economical than conventional cars.

But in terms of emissions per kilometree, petrol engines are significantly more efficient than electric ones.

And diesel engines produce much more CO 2 than gas engines.

And when it comes to CO2 emissions per mile, a petrol-electric hybrid car produces about 15 per cent of the CO2 emitted by a petrol engine, while a diesel hybrid is responsible for 40 per 30.

So if you’re considering buying a fuel cell car, look out for the fuel efficiency numbers that don’t quite match the cost of the fuel.

But there’s one thing you should look out on.

If you’ve already paid for the hybrid car, then the price is likely to be much higher than if you’ve bought a petrol, diesel or hybrid fuel-car.

So the best thing to do is make sure you’re saving money by buying a low-emission vehicle.

You could do this by switching to a hybrid fuel cell vehicle and reducing the amount of petrol you drive.

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