Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has shared his thoughts on the sudden death of his former colleague Luca Ferrucci, whose death was announced by the company on Wednesday.

Kalanick, who was in Los Angeles to launch UberX, spoke to a reporter at a press conference on Wednesday, telling the reporter he was “deeply saddened and shocked” by the news of Ferrucca’s death.

Kalonick, whose company has more than 500 employees, was in the city to launch the ride-hailing service.

Ferruccia was one of the first Uber employees to be laid off following the death on May 31 of his wife, Luca, who he had been dating for more than two years.

Ferruccio, who had been with Uber for almost two years, had been working on a project with the company to develop a single fuel generator that could power the carpool system, Kalanicks company said.

The company’s Twitter account tweeted a video showing the car taking off, and showing that the car had left the parking lot before the driver even took off.

The video shows the vehicle coming into view, with the driver’s door open.

A passenger can be heard saying, “He’s going to die.”

The car then takes off, taking off at about 35 mph.

Ferricci was also an Uber driver.

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