With the regime in Damascus in ruins, the conflict has become a deadly game of cat and mouse between two forces with competing interests in the country’s chaotic oil and gas sector.

The battle for the countrys oil and natural gas reserves is being played out by an alliance of Iran and Russia, and its rivalries and rivalries over the future of the country have been highlighted by the assassination of two leading members of that coalition in September.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has been waging a fierce campaign to secure its strategic position in the disputed waters off Syria’s coast, a fight that has claimed the lives of at least two senior members of the Syrian regime.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition group that monitors the conflict in the war-torn country, said two Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers were killed by an Iranian-backed Syrian military convoy in Qusair province in western Syria on Wednesday.

The IRGC has been battling to capture the territory it calls the “Greater Levant,” an area of land that includes the oil fields of the Mediterranean Sea and parts of the Gulf of Aqaba.

The Qusayr province is located in the easternmost reaches of the oil-rich Mediterranean Sea, and has been one of the major oil producing areas in the region for decades.

The province, however, has been contested by various groups and armed factions, including groups linked to the IRGC, the Syrian National Council (SNC), a rebel coalition that includes Al Qaeda-linked groups and several other armed groups.

The area has long been under the control of the government and its forces.

The conflict began in March 2011, when the Syrian army and its allies launched a military campaign that was aimed at restoring President Bashar al-Assad to power, with the goal of overthrowing the Assad regime.

But the Syrian government and the opposition have both fought back against the regime, and have repeatedly failed to achieve any gains against the rebels.

The conflict in Syria has left at least 3,600 people dead, according to the United Nations, and more than half the country has been destroyed, according the UN.

According to the SNC, more than 250,000 people have been displaced and more people have died.

The countrys armed opposition has been unable to gain the backing of its Western backers in the international community to defeat the Assad government, which has amassed forces that have included fighters from the Lebanese Hezbollah militia, the Iranian Revolutionary Revolutionary Guard (IRG), the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, and several Iranian Revolutionary Armed Forces (IRAF).

In October 2015, Russia agreed to provide arms and support to the Syrian opposition, as part of a Russian-brokered deal to remove the Syrian President from power.

In a statement, the Kremlin said the weapons and support would be provided in exchange for the removal of Assad from power and the end of the violence.

Russia has also offered to train and equip the Syrian rebels.

On Wednesday, Russia announced it was launching an offensive in support of the rebels against the Assad forces in Syria.

The Russian Defense Ministry said Russian warplanes carried out airstrikes against Islamic State (ISIS) positions in the province of Deir Ezzor, while Syrian forces carried out operations to push back the terrorists in the Alawite minority sect.

Syrian government forces have also launched a campaign to retake the town of Khan Sheikhoun, a strategic oilfield located in rebel-held territory.

Syrian President Bashar Assad is in talks with Russia and Iran, and hopes the talks will lead to a new round of talks on the future state of Syria.

The two sides are believed to be willing to extend the truce, though the agreement is not yet final.

The fighting has left many of the population in the Syrian capital, Damascus, displaced.

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