This upgrade is coming to a fleet of new diesel trucks built by Cummins, according to an email obtained by Axios.

It is not clear if the upgrade will be offered to existing diesel trucks, but Cummins is looking to add a fuel tank replacement option to some of its existing diesel pickup trucks.

It also said it has started making a pilot of the new fuel tank upgrades to existing trucks.

Diesel trucks can currently be equipped with a fuel pump, which pumps the fuel from a gas tank into the fuel line of the diesel engine.

Cummins has been making fuel tanks for a long time, but it took a big step forward in 2016 when it added the option to its E85 flex diesel pickup truck to make it better at capturing fuel from the highway.

Dollars per gallon is the price that the government sets for fuel in a gallon of gasoline.

For diesel trucks with the same horsepower, it is around 4 cents per gallon.

The EPA says a diesel truck’s fuel economy is 20 percent better than that of a gasoline-powered vehicle.

A company called ETSM, which sells fuel tanks and other fuel technology, announced a partnership with Cummins in 2016 to test a fuel cell technology on Cummins’ pickup trucks, according the company’s website.

In a statement to Axios, Cummins said it is in talks with ETSMB to develop a new fuel cell truck for 2019.

It declined to comment on how the fuel cell is being developed.

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