Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Energy fuel is one of a handful of products on the Australian market that have been built from the ground up.

Milwaukee-based fuel distributor, Fuel, announced its first ever ‘Milk Gas’ product on eBay on Thursday, with prices starting at $6.99 a litre and rising to $8.99 and $9.99 respectively.

Milk gas is made from a combination of two liquids – water and ethanol.

Milburn Energy has already made its mark in Australia with its “Milburn” fuel which is a blend of petrol and ethanol that is available for $2.99 per litre.

Milburning products are not limited to petrol and diesel, as fuel is available in liquid form as well as in fuel-injected versions.

Mil Burn also makes a line of liquid fuel that is the “Milk” brand of liquid fuels.

MilBurn is also a leader in fuel additive manufacturing, as well.

The Fuel team said its fuel was made from water and “water-based alcohol” and it is “the first fuel product ever to be built from ground up from the bottom up using the most advanced manufacturing processes.”

“We have been working with a number of different manufacturing processes to get this to this point, and it’s been incredibly rewarding,” said Fuel’s founder, Matt Leach.

Milbburn Energy’s “Mil Burn” fuel is a combination between petrol and water.

MilB burns on a single catalyst which creates a catalyst-free fuel.

Mil fuel is an ideal solution for those who need to use their fuel more than once in a day, while maintaining a clean and low emissions profile.

Mil burns well at temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius, and produces a blend that can be used in many different applications including cooking, refrigeration, baking, heating and gas lighting.

Mil burn is available from a range of distributors, with an emphasis on domestic customers.

The Fuel brand is available on the fuel website at: or at www.fuel-injector.comThe fuel is not available in stores yet, but is expected to be available to buy by the end of February, when it will be on the shelves of supermarkets across Australia.

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