How to fuel your motorcycle with petrol instead of gas

What you need to know about fuel, how much is in the bottle and how much you can spend per litre.1.

Fuel costsWhat fuel is available to buy in India?

Fuel prices have been frozen since January.2.

The average price of petrol is ₹8.75 per litres, compared to ₺17.65 per lit of diesel.


Gasoline is cheaper in India than in the United States.4.

If you buy petrol at a petrol station in India, you pay ₲8.80 per lit.5.

You can buy diesel in India at ₼3.75, while diesel at ℓ4.50 per lit and petrol at ₪3.40 per lit are cheaper than in US.6.

Indian diesel and petrol stations are only available in rural areas.7.

You need to have at least one liter of fuel for a trip to a petrol-based station.8.

Diesel is cheaper than petrol in India.9.

You are required to pay ₪2.00 per lit, or ₂20 per lit if you buy diesel.10.

You cannot buy petrol from an online petrol seller in India because petrol is banned.11.

You have to pay tax on petrol and diesel purchases at a rate of 6.5%.12. It costs ₜ6.40 to purchase diesel in Delhi and ₤3.30 to buy petrol in Mumbai.13.

Diesel and petrol are not interchangeable, so you can buy petrol and not diesel.14.

There are restrictions on petrol imports, which can cause delays.15.

In 2017, there was an increase in petrol prices.16.

There is a government subsidy of ₳50 for diesel.17.

There’s a diesel tax for diesel and for petrol.18.

You must buy fuel from a petrol shop if you don’t have petrol.19.

If there is no petrol available, you can pay ⅓ to a local petrol dealer.20.

It’s important to remember that diesel is the cheapest fuel to buy.21.

There were reports of petrol-powered motorcycles being stolen in India in 2017.22.

The fuel prices have remained at ⃣8.25 per lit until 2020.23.

In 2019, the government launched the ‘Million Dollar Fuel Scheme’ which allows motorists to buy diesel for ₘ25 a litre, petrol for ℑ a lit, and diesel for around ₛ a lit.24.

In 2016, the fuel price was ₕ1.00.25.

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