Fuel is not cheap in the US, but in Canada, there are a number of diesel-powered vehicles that can be used for less than petrol.

These include the Canadian Diesel Efficient Car, a diesel car that can get you around town for less fuel than a petrol car.

But there are some drawbacks too.

The most notable is the fact that the Canadian diesel engines use a much higher pressure than petrol engines.

If you want to drive in a country where petrol is much more common, you’ll want to look for a diesel engine that is quieter, but is still able to generate a decent amount of power.

The diesel engine can also run on electricity, making it a much more efficient way to power your car than petrol-powered cars.

For most Canadians, diesel engines have been around for decades and are a popular choice.

In the US there is still a few cars that can fit into the diesel category, such as the Ford Ranger and Honda Odyssey.

So if you’re looking for a fuel-efficient diesel car, then the Canadian version of the Ranger is probably not for you.

In Canada, the Diesel Energi, also known as the Ranger diesel, is the most fuel-economy diesel engine.

The Energis diesel engine produces 3.6 liters of fuel per kilometer and can get up to 75km/h.

It is also the fastest-shifting diesel engine in the world, which is good for about 4 kilometres per hour.

The Canadian version has the same engine but uses a more efficient version of a cylinder head.

It produces 5.2 litres of fuel for the same amount of fuel as a petrol engine, but the cylinder head produces more torque.

In other words, it can get a bit faster than the petrol engine at a lower RPM.

But for the most part, it’s a very efficient engine.

So it’s not a bad option if you want a diesel-driven car.

However, there is one caveat.

The Canada-made diesel engine is not quite as powerful as a European-made petrol engine.

You can’t expect that the petrol-engine is going to be able to pull a little bit of power out of it.

So the Energenis diesel gets an extra boost in power to allow it to pull even more power out.

It’s important to remember that the diesel engine will last longer in cold weather and has more miles to go before it’s going to need to be replaced.

So you can’t just buy a diesel truck and then drive it home every night to fill up.

So to save money on fuel and to get the most out of your diesel-based vehicle, you should consider buying a diesel or diesel-electric hybrid truck.

The Toyota Yaris diesel truck, pictured here, has a petrol-electric conversion option.

It can go from 100km/hr to 80km/hour with the fuel injected in a single stroke, and can be driven in a city or on a country road.

But unlike a petrol truck, it has to be refueled every 15 to 20 minutes.

If the petrol fuel was running on electricity for the entire time, the diesel fuel would be used up in about 30 minutes.

So for a full 20-hour trip, it would only take about one-and-a-half litres of diesel fuel to fill the tank.

The petrol-electrified diesel version of this truck can get 60km/ hour on average on the highway and 80km per hour on the city.

However it is not exactly as fast as the petrol truck.

It gets a little more fuel economy at highway speeds, but it’s only up to 40km/ hours.

So when you’re travelling on a highway, you can expect a bit of extra effort to get you to the next stop.

However if you can just get to the nearest petrol station and fill up the tank in less than an hour, then you should be OK.

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