Fuel line clamping is back, thanks to a new fuel injection service line clamp.

The new clamp will replace the old fuel injection line clamp which was removed when the M1 was withdrawn from service in late 2008.

Fuel injection service lines are not only critical to the reliability of the M series but also to the fuel economy of the car.

A clamp that is removed to allow the fuel injection system to be serviced by a fuel delivery system or injectors, is not necessarily the most reliable of fittings.

The new fuel line clamp, pictured, is designed to be easily replaced.

The new line clamp is pictured.

Fuel line clamps are not normally available as part of a new line kit, but there are some options for those wanting to keep the existing line clamp, and use a different clamp.

The M2A1 fuel line was discontinued and the M2B1 fuel injection was replaced with the M3A1 line clamp and the fuel pressure regulator (FPR) was replaced.

 The new clamp, pictured here, was introduced in March 2019.

Here’s a quick video showing how the M line clamp works.

What is the M-2A2 line clamp?

The M-1 fuel injector was discontinued in 2019 due to a problem with the fuel pump, which was linked to the exhaust manifold.

Since the M10 and M12 fuel injectors are also made by the same company, there was a possibility of a common supplier, such as Renault, replacing the M12 and M10 fuel injectants with the new M2-2-1.

However, the M9 and M13 fuel injections were not replaced by the manufacturer due to the problems that plagued the fuel pumps.

The problem was the failure of the fuel pipeline.

Replacing the fuel pipes would not have been an easy task, especially since the pipes were made from steel, which is brittle and difficult to replace.

A new line was needed, which would have been a good fit for the new fuel lines.

The M2C1 line clump was introduced to replace the M4-2 line clamping system in the new 2020 M3.

In 2019, Renault offered a new M3 engine, the S3, for the M20, which offered a higher top speed than the M6 engine.

As well as being a more powerful engine, it was also lighter, which meant that the M5 was able to reach the same top speed as the M7.

This new M5 engine, pictured above, is pictured in the 2020 M4.

A new line clamped M5 in the 2019 M5.

The fuel pump in the engine compartment.

These new lines are being offered as a part of the new 2019 M3 and M4 line kits.

If you are buying an M3 or M4 from Renault, and are looking for a new engine or fuel system, it is a good idea to look at the MCL clamp or MCL line clamp for the engine and fuel lines, rather than the new line kits which are being produced for the Renault-Nissan alliance.

It may be a bit of a wait to see if the new lines arrive in the M30/40, but if they do, it will be a major change to the M15/16 line kit.

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