Posted by India News | December 02, 2018 03:12:05A little-known fuel cell is here to save the day for the masses.

Dubbed a “hydro-electric vehicle” by some, the technology can be used to deliver electricity to your car and the surrounding environment.

The new fuel cell technology is designed to run on hydropower.

With an estimated fuel cell capacity of 50kWh and a battery capacity of up to 600Wh, the new system is the most efficient in its class, according to the research group, the National Centre for Hydropower (NCHE).

The company has also released an application on how to build the vehicle and its systems.

Hydro-hydro, a term coined by the University of California, Berkeley, was invented by Dr. Henry Kroeber in the 1930s, according the company.

The concept is based on the principle that the heat energy of the water in the atmosphere can be stored as an energy, rather than being transferred to a fuel cell.

Hydropower can be a useful fuel for a variety of applications, such as generating electricity for electric vehicles, and to provide power to remote areas.

It can also provide energy for powering satellites and satellites in space, and can be applied to produce clean, renewable electricity from renewable energy sources such as solar energy.

This technology has been around for some time and was first tested in a Tesla vehicle back in 2016, but has only recently been deployed in India.

The fuel cell’s efficiency can be up to 60 per cent when the car is being driven.

The technology has also been demonstrated in a number of other vehicles, including a Toyota Prius Hybrid and a Tesla Model X.

While this technology is a step forward for electric cars, it still hasn’t come to the masses due to the limited amount of power they can produce.

While India is the world’s second largest market for electric vehicle sales, it only accounts for 8.8 per cent of the world market, according TOI data.

The fuel cell system has a range of up 50km and is capable of delivering electricity at up to 500kWh.

It has a capacity of 600Wh and can produce enough power for two households.

The battery can be charged from a solar panel and can also be used as a generator, for example to power your home or business.

The technology has the potential to significantly reduce India’s reliance on imported fuel, and also help it meet its ambitious targets to reach 90 per cent renewable energy by 2022, and 70 per cent by 2026.

India is also home to the world first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, which is designed for electric mobility and energy storage.

It was launched in 2019 by a joint venture between the Indian Space Research Organisation and the National Hydropowers Corporation.

The company hopes to build a network of 100 hydrogen fuel cells in 2021, which could be the first of its kind in the world.

India has been slow to catch up with the rest of the region and to invest in fuel cell technologies.

The country has not developed an electric vehicle since the introduction of hybrid and electric vehicles in 2010.

India’s electricity generation has increased by just 1 per cent per annum over the last decade, and fuel cell vehicles account for less than 10 per cent.

Despite this, India has made great strides towards building the infrastructure and the market for the fuel cell, which will help it achieve its goal of a 90 per part per million of renewable energy use by 2022.

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