A boat fuel tank found in a Florida beach and found to be empty has been tested for oil.

“The tank is empty, and it’s not a gas tank,” Florida Beach Police Chief Chris DeAngelis told CNN affiliate WPTV.

“It’s not water pressure.

It’s not anything that indicates it’s been sitting out there.”

The water was tested at the Port of Jacksonville, where the fuel was discovered.

The police chief says it’s unclear if it was still at the water when the investigation began.

The fuel tank was discovered in a private beach in Florida’s Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday, and a woman has been charged with murder.

Investigators say a boat was using the same boat in the race last week.

Police said the suspect, named by police as 31-year-old Shannon Mather, was the only one in the water and had been missing since May 10.

Authorities said she is currently being held at the St. Johns County jail.

Her attorney told WPTV that she had been suffering from a mental illness.

Mather was believed to have died at the scene.

The Florida Beach Marathon was canceled on May 11.

The Coast Guard says a Coast Guard cutter and a helicopter are assisting with the investigation.

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