The UK’s top oil producer will sell off its entire stake in oilfield services company Noble Energy after the company’s shares fell by more than a fifth in the wake of the Brexit vote

Noble Energy said on Monday it would sell off all of its stake in the oilfield servicing company after the market collapsed following the Brexit result.

Noble said in a statement it would “sell all of our holdings in Noble Energy for cash to meet the obligations to creditors”.

Noble has a controlling interest in Noble Oil Services Ltd (NOSL) which is owned by UK energy company Shell.

The company has an ownership stake of almost 30 per cent in NOSL, but that figure will now be diluted by more like 20 per cent, according to Reuters.

The oilfield service company was established in 2004 as a joint venture between Noble and the Norwegian energy company Statoil.

In 2016, Noble sold its 50 per cent stake in Nosl for £1.9 billion, which was worth around £1 billion at the time.

The deal was worth more than £300 million at the peak.

In January 2018, NOSl announced it would be sold off by Noble, which said it would hold a share of the company for 10 years, until at least 2025.

Noble has been facing criticism for its poor performance during the Brexit process.

It was among the biggest losers of the referendum, losing a record £3.9bn in revenue in 2017.

In March 2018, the UK government ordered it to repay £7.5bn to taxpayers over the cost of Brexit.

It also faced a £2.2bn deficit after it declared a financial loss.

NOS, however, said it was able to pay the government back on time, due to a combination of favourable tax laws and a favourable regulatory environment.

The Scottish government said on Sunday it was also reviewing whether the government could impose additional restrictions on Noble, such as limiting the company to holding just five per cent of the stock.

The SNP has been the biggest beneficiary of the UK’s financial crisis.

In September, the SNP’s Scottish affairs spokesman Stephen Gethins said that the party would support any efforts by the UK Government to impose new restrictions on the oil and gas industry, such a requirement that Noble hold a greater share of its assets.

“If there is any evidence to suggest that Noble is underperforming its obligations to UK taxpayers, we will seek to make that clear to the Scottish Government,” he said.

The UK has been embroiled in a series of high-profile tax scandals over the past few years, including one which saw the country’s tax payer of the year award the company a £5.5m cheque.

It’s not the first time the oil industry has been affected by the Brexit aftermath.

In December, Shell, the world’s biggest oil company, announced it was closing its $30 billion refinery in North Sea oil sands, citing the global financial crisis as the reason.

Why I am not sure why the new BMW 3 Series is so much more expensive than the old one

When BMW unveiled the 3 Series at its first North American event in June, it wasn’t the first time the company had shown off a new vehicle.

At that event, the company showed off a couple of cars it had in production.

At the same time, the 3-Series was not the first BMW to offer the first mass-market electric vehicle, and the company hasn’t announced anything similar since.

But now, a year later, BMW is selling a new 3-series that will sell for $31,879, a price point well below the original $44,500 price tag.

While the new car won’t be the first electric vehicle to come out of the company, it is certainly the most expensive to date.

And it might be the most difficult one to beat.

The new 3 Series features the same 3.0-liter inline-four engine as the 2 Series, which BMW says is the first in the world to produce 350 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque.

This is a large engine, but it’s not an entirely new one.

The original inline-six that was produced in the 1980s was a hybrid of two existing engines: a twin-turbo V8 and a two-liter V6.

The new engine has two turbochargers, and BMW says it has “a smaller diameter exhaust system than the previous engine and is designed for a higher range.”

In other words, it’s the kind of engine that can power an electric car or a car with a range-extended battery pack.

The difference is that this new inline-4 is a very different design than the older inline-6.

This new inline four uses two large turbocharger heads with different exhaust valves.

One valve opens up to allow air to pass through a lower exhaust port, while the other valve shuts off.

This means that the intake valve is larger and the exhaust valve is smaller, allowing more air to be passed through.

It also means that there’s a much larger amount of torque at the crank.

The engine has a compression ratio of 6.2:1, which is higher than the 7.0:1 ratio that the engine has on previous BMWs.

So when you crank it, the engine’s compression ratio is greater than the compression ratio on the previous car, and that is what will give you a lot of torque on the highway.

The compression ratio also increases the energy density of the engine.

When you are using this new engine, BMW says the power is rated at 350 hp at 5,000 rpm and 350 lb-ft at 3,500 rpm.

That’s an increase of about 10 hp and 15 lb-f, which sounds like a lot.

But when you drive this engine on the roads of North America, you will get a lot more power, as you can see in the chart below.

BMW says this new 3 series has a 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds, which beats the 5.7 seconds of the original model.

But there are some limitations to these numbers.

BMW also says that the new engine’s maximum torque rating is 355 lb-t, and this number includes the maximum torque available from the supercharger, which adds a lot to the power of the vehicle.

BMW has also not revealed the torque rating of the new inline engine.

The 3 Series uses a turbochargor, but its design is somewhat different than that of the earlier inline-series engine, which had two turbocharging heads and had a smaller exhaust port.

The larger exhaust port allowed the engine to be bigger.

In other word, the new turbocharged engine is more powerful than the original, which means that you will need to make more power to get the same horsepower or torque.

But, it also means you can get more power at the same price.

This difference between the engines may seem trivial to most people, but BMW has found a way to make this difference big.

The most important difference between this new and the previous 3 Series engines is the fuel sealer that comes with it.

The first time you get an electric vehicle with a fuel sealers, you are probably not going to be satisfied with the performance of the electric car, especially because there is not a lot you can do about fuel leaks, so you are going to want a quality sealer.

BMW did this with its first electric car in the late 1980s, the Roadster, which was powered by an electric motor and an aluminum body.

The Roadster was a luxury car, so the sealers were very expensive.

But the engineers realized that, if you were to add a new fuel seal to an electric, the battery would need to be upgraded every time the Roadsters were upgraded.

So BMW built a fuel-injected engine in 1988 that could replace the original engine, and in doing so, it became the first gas-powered car to be classified as an electric. In fact,

Why you should make coffee at home instead of buying fuel

The latest fuel for your coffee table and your fridge.

Fuel for your tea.

Fuel to power your washing machine.

And fuel for the washing machine’s washing fluid. 

As it happens, I’m not a coffee geek.

But I’m also a petrolhead. 

I love the smell and taste of fuel, especially in the mornings, when it’s a fresh cup of coffee, but it’s also nice to be able to get a little extra boost with a little bit of petrol, which can be used to power the fuel pump or the engine. 

The best fuel for a coffee table or the fridge is the green fuel, which can be purchased in a number of different places, from petrol stations to convenience stores. 

When buying green fuel you can buy it at petrol stations, petrol stations can also be purchased from gas stations. 

You can find petrol stations all over the country, as well as in the supermarkets. 

In the United States, petrol sales are regulated by the EPA and they can be bought online. 

They can also only be bought from petrol outlets. 

For the UK, you can buy fuel online from your local petrol station or at the petrol station itself. 

If you want to buy fuel from a petrol station you can, but the petrol is usually cheaper. 

What you can use fuel for? 

The green fuel has a higher octane rating, which means that the petrol has more of a kick. 

Green fuel is usually purchased in the morning to fill up your coffee or tea. 

There are a couple of things to consider when buying green petrol. 

First, green fuel can be used for a variety of purposes. 

A lot of green fuel is used for the heating of appliances, such as air conditioners. 

However, if you are not going to be using your appliances for a long time, you can purchase fuel from the fuel supply. 

This is a good option if you don’t have a car, or if you have a small garage or garage-like space. 

Second, green petrol can also come in different grades. 

Generally, green gasoline is lighter and better for electric power tools, such the electric saw, electric drill, electric chisel, electric drills, electric jigsaw and electric drills. 

It can also save you money if you purchase green fuel in bulk, which is a great option if your house needs to be completely electric. 

Finally, green gas can be found in a variety. 

Depending on what you’re using it can be a good choice, especially if you’re not going out much. 

On the other hand, if your green fuel isn’t good for cooking and you’re looking for something a little more eco-friendly, there are plenty of green petrol blends available. 

Here are a few of my favourites. 

Mortgage insurance and car insurance: Green fuel can also work as a form of mortgage insurance, which protects your property against the costs of unexpected repairs. 

Using green fuel on your mortgage is not mandatory, but if you need to take the loan out, it can provide extra protection for the amount you’re borrowing. 

Gasoline prices can go up a lot on Christmas, so if you can afford to take out a small loan, green energy is an excellent choice. 

Garden gardening: Green petrol can be useful in the garden, too.

Green petrol can help keep your plants healthy and reduce your need for pesticides. 

While some people love green fuel for their vegetables, some people may prefer to keep green fuel to use as an organic fertilizer. 

Plant your garden in the spring or summer, when the temperature is mild, so that your plants will be able receive the most out of green fuels. 

Find out more about garden fertilizers on my Gardening For You website. 

Frugal living: You can also use green fuel as a way to keep your money in the bank, which also means that you can spend less. 

So if you use green petrol, you could save yourself money on petrol by buying green gasoline and not having to buy petrol from the petrol stations.

Green fuel can even save you a little on petrol, if used as a cooking fuel. 

Fuel for the fridge: If green fuel doesn’t suit your fridge, you will still be able use it to make coffee. 

Coffee and green fuel are the best fuel to fuel your coffee maker. 

And it’s easy to get your hands on green fuel and make coffee in your kitchen, too! 

Find more tips on making fuel in your cupboard.

How the Obama administration helped fuel the opioid crisis

The opioid crisis is being driven by a corrupt, inept, and downright criminal administration that has been at the heart of it all, a report released today by the Institute for Policy Studies finds.

“Obama’s opioid war is about as American as the American flag,” said the report, “with a president who has embraced and enabled the very culture of the opioid epidemic.”

The report is based on research by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a non-partisan think tank that advocates for the interests of working families, seniors, and young people.

It also cites a series of articles by the Washington Post, the New York Times, and other outlets, as well as a series by ProPublica and the Los Angeles Times.

The report argues that President Donald Trump, a longtime critic of the Obama Justice Department, was instrumental in getting the administration to allow insurers to write the opioid prescription drug, OxyContin, for free under the Affordable Care Act.

Under the Obama-era law, which was passed in 2010, insurers could not charge higher prices to people who had used OxyContin for more than 12 months.

This meant that people with pre-existing conditions could get the drug at much lower prices.

But by allowing insurers to profit from people using the drug, Obama administration officials believed that the administration could incentivize them to write a high-priced drug, the report argues.

This led to an explosion in opioid abuse and overdoses in the United States.

According to the report: The opioid epidemic has been driven by the government’s decision to give free OxyContin to millions of people in the insurance industry, which then paid the insurance companies to write more OxyContin prescriptions for them.

This is what drove the opioid overdose death rate.

The administration also used this policy to increase the use of opioids for chronic pain in communities of color.

The result was the creation of an industry of pain pill manufacturers that, through inflated prices, are fueling the opioid abuse epidemic.

The opiate epidemic is fueled by a government that, according to the study, has created a corrupt and incompetent government in Washington that has allowed the drug industry to thrive in a way that no other industry can.

“We’ve been living with the Obama opioid crisis for more years than most people,” said Bill Piper, a professor at Georgetown University’s Center for Health Policy Studies.

“But it never happened to the same extent as it did under the Obama regime.”

The opioid crisis is a serious threat to the nation, and one that the Obama White House, which has made the opioid addiction epidemic the central focus of its presidency, has failed to address, the institute found.

“The opioid epidemic is not about saving lives,” said Piper.

“It’s about creating profit for the pharmaceutical industry.

The problem is, this profit is flowing to the insurance and prescription drug industries, and that’s the only way to stop this epidemic.”

Opioid addiction has devastated the lives of people and families.

It has made them addicted to opiates, leading to a wide range of problems, from suicide to homelessness, addiction to the development of addiction-related mental illness and other illnesses, and addiction to other drugs and conditions.

Opioids have also led to the death of millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of others around the world, including thousands of people who were born with the condition.

The opioid addiction crisis has created an entire generation of people struggling with opioid use disorders, including many of those who were not even born with a medical condition.

It is not just people in pain, but also those who are in the middle of their lives.

According the report’s authors, the opioid problem is only getting worse.

“This is not an epidemic that we’ve seen before,” said Tom Angell, chairman of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which is working to rein in spending on prescription drugs.

“Every single day, there are more deaths caused by opioids.”

The opioid problem in the U.S. has been on the rise for decades, the Institute found, largely due to the Obama Administration’s failure to curb the opioid industry and its expansion into other sectors of the economy.

This has led to massive increases in drug abuse and overdose, with the opioid death rate growing at a rate of nearly 500 percent over the past decade.

The number of Americans dying from opioid overdoses has also increased.

The Institute found that more than 5,500 people died from opioid-related deaths in 2016, a number that jumped to more than 11,600 in 2017.

It was also up by nearly 10,300 in 2018.

This trend continued in 2019, with a surge of 1,200 people dying from opioids in the same year.

The death toll from the opioid opioid epidemic in the country as a whole is expected to reach nearly 8 million by 2025.

“When you look at the opioid issue and look at how many people have died, it is staggering,” said Angell.

“These numbers are staggering.”

A 2016 Pew Research Center survey found that 61 percent of Americans believe that

Which fuels are the best for your car?

By Carli Taylor Source BBC News coverCNG fuels are one of the most environmentally friendly fuels available.

But they’re also one of our least-friendly.

Which fuels is best for you?

Read moreCNG petrol is one of Australia’s most popular petrol brands and has a long and illustrious history.

However, it’s not uncommon to find fuel in supermarkets that are not CNG fuel.

The reason for this is simple: it’s a bit too expensive to buy a CNG petrol bottle.

Instead, you buy a petrol tank, fill it with gas and then fill the petrol tank again.

The process is the same, but the gas is mixed with a different liquid in order to give you more fuel, which is more environmentally friendly.

Gasoline in cans can cost more than $10 a litre.

In Australia, the cheapest way to buy petrol is from a petrol station.

If you buy petrol from a supermarket, it usually comes with a sticker that says: “All petrol comes with an unlimited free refuelling service”.

But if you buy from a CPG fuel distributor, you have to pay the same price for gas as if you bought it at a petrol pump.

It’s not just petrol stations that are a bit more expensive than petrol pumps.

Gas station food is cheaper than petrol in some places, but it’s still not cheap enough to be worth buying gas from.

CPG gas is also a lot more expensive in Australia than CNG gas, so it’s usually cheaper to buy from the gas station than the petrol station and it’s cheaper to fill a CPDL than a CIGL.

It might be cheaper to get petrol at the petrol pump, but if you’re using the petrol to fill your car’s tank, the fuel in the CNG tank is not necessarily as clean as the petrol you’re filling.

If your fuel tank is full, it can cause the fuel to degrade over time.

If the fuel tanks are full, the petrol can contain bacteria that could cause illness.

If it’s full and you fill it up again, the bacteria will start to grow, causing a health risk.

The fuel you buy is a mix of CNG and CIG.

The CNG you buy may contain additives that are less harmful than the CPG you buy.

It is a mixture of different liquids and the liquid you use is the liquid used to make the fuel.

CNG is used to fuel the petrol that you buy, but you might be able to use a different mix if you have a tank of CPG to use.

If there are additives in your CNG, it will be slightly different from the mix that you have in your petrol.

But the petrol will still be the same CNG.

If a CIPL is a Cogenerated Fuel, it has a mix made of CIG, CNG (or CPG) and a mixture made of liquid from the CIG (or liquid from CNG).

The liquid from these CIPls are used to power the engine and to fuel your car.

If this mix is not made from CIG or CNG then it is a pure CIPl.

CIPs can be made from any of the three liquids in the fuel mix.

This means that CIPlls that are made from one of these liquids are the same as CIPles that are from a pure liquid fuel.

This is true if you mix it with a pure alcohol.

However the mixture can also be made with an alcohol-based fuel, like diesel.

CIG and CNG mixes have different solvents.

A CIG fuel mix has a lower alcohol content than a pure ethanol fuel mix, which means that you won’t get the same level of flavour and smell as pure ethanol.

COGs have a higher alcohol content, and this makes the mixture more difficult to make.

CAG mixes have higher alcohol levels, which make them much easier to make than pure CIGs.

CAA/CIG mixes have a high alcohol content which makes them much harder to make, but also make them easier to blend.

You can also use a CAG or CIG mixture to fill up your car with petrol, as this mix can also get used in making CNG fuels.

If CIG is mixed into a CAA mixture, it is generally used to fill the fuel tank with the CAA.

If an alcohol has been added to the CAG mix, this can cause a slight change in the flavour and aroma of the CEG mix, so if you want to make a CEG fuel you might want to consider using an alcohol with a low alcohol content like wine or rum.

The colour of the mixture will also change depending on the mixture of alcohols used in the mix.

It can be a bit hard to tell which fuel is which, so you can use a colour test to tell.

You will need to have a test kit to check the colour of your CAG fuel. If

How to fix the fuel filter on your turbo fuel system

Fuel filter suppressors have been a staple on the turbocharger since the 1970s, but their cost has skyrocketed in recent years.

That’s made them a common choice for the turbocharged engine.

But even though most turbochargers have one, the cost of installing one can add up quickly.

This is because there are so many different types of filters, which can lead to different parts, and if you don’t know how to work with each one, they might not work together.

We spoke with experts to find out how to get the best results with a fuel filter suppressant, and learn how to make your own at home.1.

Find the right fuel filter to reduce fuel consumptionThe first step in improving your fuel filter is to know what type of filter you want to get.

The easiest way to find the right filter is by comparing the numbers in your old fuel filter with the new one.

Some of the common fuel filter types include filter, high pressure filter, and turbochargering filter.

You can also look up which filters you currently use.2.

Measure your fuel tank pressure and fuel flowThe easiest way for you to measure fuel flow is with a gas meter.

You’ll want to put your gauge inside the fuel tank, so that you can see how much gas is going into and out of the tank.

The gauge will show you how much fuel is being injected and how much is being drained out.3.

Check your fuel pressure and filter levelsYou’ll want a gas tank pressure gauge, but if you’re looking for a fuel flow meter, you might want to look up the fuel flow level in your car.

The fuel pressure will tell you how many times the fuel is flowing into and from the fuel, and how many more times it’s being drained from the tank as well.4.

Check for leaks and other issuesIn addition to finding out how much of your fuel is leaking or is being removed, you’ll also want to know if there are any other problems with the filter, including leaks and damage to the fuel system.

You might want a fuel pressure gauge to check for leaks, as well as a filter cutoff gauge to measure the fuel levels inside the filter.5.

Adjust your fuel filters and fuel systemsTo make sure your fuel system is functioning correctly, you can adjust the fuel filters in the carburetor and fuel system, and adjust the filter suppressers in the injector and fuel pump.

These will all need to be replaced if they break.

The best way to do this is to get a service technician to inspect the filter before you can even install the new filter.

The service technician will install the filter and suppressors and make sure everything works properly.6.

Check the oil level and fuel levelIf you can’t see the fuel level, you may be running low oil.

A common cause of low oil is a fuel leak in the engine bay, which causes the fuel to flow into the tank instead of being injected.

It’s very important that you check your oil level after every run, and check your fuel flow every few runs as well, so you can make sure it’s not running low.

You may also want the fuel pressure level checked before you run your car and the fuel injectors to make sure they’re working correctly.7.

Check and replace your fuel pumpIf your fuel injector or fuel pump breaks, you will need to replace them.

You will also need to check and replace the oil filter, which will also be replaced, if it leaks.8.

Check fuel pressure levels and fuel tanksIf your oil and filter leaks, check the pressure in your tank and make a note of how much you need to change the filter to get it to the correct level.9.

Test the filter for leaksCheck for leaks in the fuel and injector, and replace them as needed.

If you’ve already installed a fuel suppressor for your turbo, check to see if you have any problems with that filter or the turbo.

You don’t want to damage the turbo if there is a leak, so make sure to check the filter thoroughly.

Why the goat fuel pump is so important

Goats have been eating goats for at least 5,000 years.

And while goats are good for you, there are still some drawbacks to their diet.

Goat milk contains a number of minerals, including calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and sulfur, which are vital for the brain.

So what’s so good about goat milk?

According to a study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it contains high levels of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.

That’s a big plus for a lot of people.

Goat meat, however, contains much less calcium, which is why many people are wary of eating goat meat.

The researchers who conducted the study were able to get their findings confirmed by comparing the amount of calcium and phosphorus in goat meat with the amount in the milk.

The goat milk was also lower in sulfur and phosphorus than the milk, and had lower levels of vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6.

Those minerals are also important for brain health.

Goat meats also contain a number in the form of amino acids, which make up the amino acids in our bodies.

These amino acids are essential for proper cell function and growth.

In the human body, amino acids help to make our muscles strong and efficient.

It’s also important to note that goat meat contains high amounts of iron and zinc, two minerals that are crucial for brain development.

Goat is a rich source of vitamins A and C, which can help lower cholesterol and heart disease risk.

Goat products are also rich in magnesium, which has been linked to a reduction in risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The research also suggests that goat milk may be a good source of B vitamins and B12, which also helps with blood pressure and blood sugar control.

In other words, goat milk is a good bet for people who want to improve their health.

So if you’re looking for an alternative source of goat meat, this is a great way to get started.

Which fuel types have been blamed for fuel shortage in California?

The US has declared a statewide fuel shortage, and some fuel types that are blamed for the shortage have not been detected in California.

The shortage is being blamed on a lack of fuel supply in the United States, and the lack of data has put fuel demand at the top of many lists of issues that Californians are facing.

California’s oil and gas sector is in the midst of an economic boom and it is the most expensive in the country.

Gas prices in the state are among the highest in the US.

The state’s oil industry is the largest in the nation, and it has been hit by the downturn in global oil prices.

In addition to the shortage, there have been several other major events that have taken their toll on the industry in recent months, including a series of wildfires that destroyed a refinery in San Francisco, and a refinery explosion that killed two workers in San Diego.

When does a driver need to change their brakes?

Posted March 14, 2020 18:30:13When you have been braking too hard for too long and it starts to wear down the brake pads you need to apply some pressure on the brake pedal to soften up the brake line.

This will cause the pads to start to wear, which is why you want to apply pressure to the brake pedals when you are trying to make a quick adjustment to a brake pressure setting.

The problem with braking too much can be that you have to apply too much pressure on a brake pedal.

You can apply a little more pressure if you are going to apply it too much and the pressure you apply is going to make the pads more worn.

Here are a few tips to help you when applying pressure to your brake pedals to soften them up:If you are driving a manual transmission, you can change the brake pressure in your computer to something more comfortable to you.

You may find it easier to apply more pressure to a manual brake pedal with a rubber foot.

You should use a manual pedal as you would a clutch pedal.

To do this, hold down the shift lever with the left hand side facing you.

You should feel a “click” as the brake pad pushes against the foot of the pedal.

This is because the pressure applied to the pedal is so much greater than the brake.

The same thing is happening when you apply the pressure on your brake.

The pressure is so great that the pedal won’t be able to grip the pedal and you will have to let go of the brake to stop the car.

The only way to get the pressure down on your pedal is to change the pedal position.

You want to hold the shift and brake levers in different positions.

For example, you want the left shift lever to be at a 45 degree angle to the right shift lever.

The left shift is at the end of the gear, and the right shifter is at a 180 degree angle.

You can find the gear position on your car’s dashboard or in the steering wheel.

To use the pedal with the right foot, hold the pedal at the correct position.

Then, apply pressure on both pedals at the same time.

How to get your energy to go solar by 2025

A decade ago, when we were still struggling to pay for electricity, the price of natural gas was a hundred times the price we were paying for electricity.

It’s still cheaper than natural gas, but we’re paying a much higher price.

I was looking at my laptop and thinking, Why didn’t we figure this out before?

The solution was a massive solar expansion.

A solar plant in Michigan.

That’s what the American solar industry is doing right now, installing solar arrays at a record rate.

And it’s a massive expansion.

I just got back from a conference with a group of people who are building solar plants in China.

They’ve been able to install solar arrays for a year.

They’re building plants in Chile.

They are building plants around the world.

In the United States, we have a huge gap in solar deployment.

We’re going to need a big solar expansion to get people to switch from coal to solar.

So what you’re seeing is the emergence of an energy revolution that will transform the way we consume energy.

We need a huge solar expansion, because it’s the most efficient way to consume energy, and the next wave of solar is coming.

The first wave is going to be from clean energy fuels.

The energy revolution is shifting the way that we use energy from fossil fuels to clean energy.

That shift has happened already.

The transition to a clean energy economy is the second wave of the energy revolution.

That is, we are transforming energy production from fossil to clean.

The next wave is from solar.

I don’t know what the number will be.

I’m going to have to find out.

I will have to figure out when that happens.

But it’s happening.

And I’m sure that we will have some solar installations at a time.

The thing is, I’m not going to wait.

I have a plan.

The solar industry, I think, has been a huge driver of job creation and growth in this country, and it’s going to continue to drive this country forward.

So I’m excited to see what comes next.

But this is a long, long way from where we were two years ago, and I’m thrilled that we’re doing what we’re going through.

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