How to use Shell Fuel Rewards (SHR) fuel calculator

Shell is rolling out a new fuel gauge that it says will let users quickly and easily check fuel usage.

Users can now check fuel in the Shell app for cars equipped with a fuel gauge, which is currently in beta and will roll out to cars on Sept. 19.

The fuel gauge can be used on cars equipped to the SHR software or through a third-party app, such as FuelTap.

Users will need to register their vehicle in the SHRI app for access to the app.

The SHRI fuel gauge will also show users how much fuel they’re paying for, but that information won’t show how much they’re actually paying.

The SHRI Fuel Gauge also shows fuel usage in minutes.

Fuel is displayed in the Fuel Gauges current fuel level, and can be entered via the SHARE button, which lets users share the fuel amount in the app with friends or family.

The Fuel Gauging also has a simple to use bar, which shows fuel levels in meters and gallons, and a “fuel status” bar that shows the current fuel value and current usage.

The bar has a green bar and a red bar for “available.”

Users can also use the SHRE app to get fuel estimates based on fuel use and current fuel levels.

Users can check fuel data using a fuel bar, but there are no options to see fuel levels or use fuel estimates in the dashboard.

The Shell app is now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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